Adedayo Agboola

Over the weekend, I watched the movie of one of my favorite American designers; Halston and a few things stood out and that is the importance of having the following:

  1. An aesthetic that is strong, identifiable and respected.
  2. Brand extensions are necessary.
  3. An entry point is crucial (No matter where you are as a designer; established or beginning).

Licensing is where the millions is for brands; it is how you scale. However, you cannot even get there if you do not have a strong aesthetic that others want to be associated with. It is not possible to:

  • Be global without a strong aesthetic.
  • Have global recognition without a brand aesthetic.
  • Have opportunities as a designer without a visible aesthetic.

First, the aesthetic needs to be strongly developed. Then it needs to have a hero product. It also needs to be commercially wearable.

What do you think?

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