Adedayo Agboola

As a retail consultant, I always discuss with my clients that it is not enough to attend live sessions or classes. It’s not enough to know and understand the strategies if you don’t apply them.

The thought of applying all you need can be overwhelming. Here is how I help them with 3 tips:

1. Write down 3 areas of concern (the main ones), then write down steps they’ve learnt to apply .
2. Create a simple SWOT analysis so they know their strengths/ weaknesses/ opportunities/ threats as it relates to those areas of concern.
3. Develop a time line to help them realistically achieve some sort of relief in those areas. One week isn’t realistic – more so 2 months is.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your brand – comparing yourself to other global brands with adequate resources financially and expertise team members won’t help you any better therefore take a deep breath, follow the steps and begin .

If your brand needs additional assistance – send a DM let’s set up a consultation with your concerns and my expertise solutions .

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